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Justuno Agency Partners have expertise in managing clients who operate on Shopify Plus, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. With dedicated teams for email, social, and paid media, our Agency Partners immediately benefit by adding Justuno as a “built-in” to their retainer services. Here’s why:

  • Justuno is easy to use.  With an in-depth analytics dashboard, agency account managers are armed with insights to “be the expert” for their clients and easily report results.
  • Setting up A/B tests is crucial. Justuno makes testing very straightforward. Agency account managers can quickly duplicate promotions for testing purposes; for example, a 10% discount versus $10 off.
  • Agency accounts organize all clients into agency sub-accounts. This organization structure allows agencies to easily log into and out of accounts, streamlining internal management.
  • The ability to export and import promotion designs makes the agency design process quick and efficient. When an account manager identifies a high-performing design in one client account, the designer can quickly download it and then upload it into a different client account — no extra design time needed!

One of the biggest perks for our Agency Partners is dedicated support. With the help of their dedicated Justuno representative, agency account managers can confidently work Justuno into their clients’ marketing funnel. Starting with acquisition to lead nurture to repeat purchases, our dedicated support for agencies makes our Partner account managers feel like an expert in everything Justuno! Your dedicated agency support rep can help you answer questions like:

  • Did I set this up right?
  • Can I do [x,y,z]?
  • This promotion performance looks low to me – why?
  • What are the best targeting rules to use here?

Our Agency Partners enjoy unique benefits, too, like commissions on sub-accounts, exclusive access to training and co-marketing opportunities. Check out the full list of our Agency Partners in the directory above.

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