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About WordPress

Over 28% of the entire web is powered by WordPress. Whatever you want to create, share or sell, they’ll help you do it.

WordPress and Justuno

Use Justuno and WordPress to quickly build your email list, nurture and engage website visitors, move contacts through your marketing funnel and more! Do all of this for your WordPress Shopify blog, too.

Use cases

  • Wordpress + Shopify + Justuno

    Many Shopify merchants use WordPress to run their store’s blog. Leverage Justuno to streamline your store pop-ups and blog pop-ups.

  • Build your email list fast

    No matter what kind of site you have, Justuno can help you build your email list from the traffic coming to your WordPress site.

  • Explore advanced capabilities

    The Justuno and WordPress integration can be very advanced. Explore our targeting rules to target specific sources and personalize experiences.